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The aim of our “Professional Cleaning and Hygiene” training is to convey the basic information in the cleaning sector, that the entire team can benefit from the blue-collar staff to top white-collar staff in the strategic position.

Cleaning Sector and Occupation have been become important, institutionalized and completed infrastructure more than a hundred years in Europe. In our country, it is a young sector which has gained value in the last 30 years and is still growing.

He has not yet completed his infrastructure and has not yet earned the rightful place among his priorities as a profession. In such a process, providing vocational training to teach an important profession, which requires knowledge and experience, has doubled our precision.

Our goal is to , “Provide Change of Behavior, not Just Teach Knowledge”

Karaşehirli has aimed to train Masters and Experts in the Clean Sector by blending both technical information and behavioral forms in trainings with a different and new approach. We also, provide consultancy services to ensure that this service can be taken correctly for Institutions and Organizations that take out cleaning services from outside and we also inspect cleaning and hygiene applications in service process.

Cleaning and Hygiene Trainings for Different Sectors’ Needs

Hospital, School, Factory, Hotel, Kitchen, Food Production Areas, Public Transport (Bus, Aircraft, Ship, Train), Shopping Center, Office and Residence etc. The cleanliness and hygiene of public fields require different expertise.

The companies H.R. Personal Development Trainings

Personal development; in order to overcome life’s problems or to lead a better life, we can define it as the act of changing one’s own behaviors and developing their skills. Behavior modification and development of skills is the main study of psychology.

If we make a general assessment, we can say that very high quality contributions are made to the field of personal development from behavioral sciences. We recommend that studies that are the scientific basis for personal development training be preferred.

Today, human beings live in a changing and transforming world. He observes that everything from daily life to business life is changed and digitized. This change and transformation is trying to make more effort and meaning every day to keep up.

We transform your staff into a courageous, quality human resource that has critical thinking, leaves a trail in society and changes the environment in which it is positively changing. We invite you and your team to travel together.

Corporate Management Consultancy / Investment and Encouragement Consultancy

Since the beginning of 2018, four valuable masters (investment, management, education, information specialists) have come together to produce understandable, innovative and practical solutions to the needs and problems of international institutions and organizations.

“Learning skills and areas of interest are completely personal, just like fingerprints”

While establishing their goals, strategies and tactics, institutions should first be aware of the qualities of the human resource they possess.

Each person has a different temperament, strong and weak side, motivation, interest and different discipline of work. For this reason, before you start counseling, we identify a program that is tailored to your competence and priorities for your human resource, identifying the individual competencies of you and your team. While each human resource focuses on the areas that it needs to develop in order to achieve its goal, it also adds strength to the strengths of your organization.

We propose two main modules, the first is “Learning Organizations” ” and the second is “Common Culture Management”“. Our activities are carried out under the management of 4 main units. Our consulting services are not“Traditional Consulting” management but “New Generation Management Consulting”“. With the participation of all the employees of the institution, “Common Mind” is produced “Learning” and “Reconciliation” are provided. The result is 100% success.

1. Management Consulting (Strategic)
2. Corporate Architecture (IT Solutions)
3. Education Consultancy (Personal and Professional Development)
4. Investment and Encouragement Consultancy (In All Subjects)

Please contact us for detailed information or requests.
+90 505 225 65 80       omer@karasehirli.com


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