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The ability of an institution to improve its ability to produce quality, efficient, timely production depends on the intensity of the brain energy it spends on its core business. It is also directly related to the consultancy and education budget required for this development.

 Sometimes energy is consumed and budget is spent, but the result can not be successful. Business blindness can occur within the organization. A different eye may see a different approach or a different brain-clogging pathway and suggest the necessary criteria for opening. The energy of the quality human power on hand can be appropriately directed.

1. Management Consulting (Strategic)
2. Corporate Architecture (IT and IT Solutions)
3. Education Consultancy (Personal and Professional Development)
4. Investment and Encouragement Consultancy (In All Subjects)

Perhaps the King Naked!

Counseling services are not sympathetic in many ways. At first glance a picture can often emerge that is depressing and affects motivation negatively. However, no institution allocates any budget or time for drawing pink texts.

Often there is a change of staff between departments in order to grasp the processes in the enterprises, to catch a different view. It is a relatively correct approach. However, it is difficult to obtain the desired results with the reason of the reactive concerns that arise in the management staff.

At this point the secret lies in the ability to tolerate the truth and accept the facts.

Unchanging Single Thing Change

We must admit that “Unchanging One Thing Change” is a saying and anonymous. Change is beneficial in the sense that the cause and effect relationships in the real sense are discussed. No consultant can know the true goals and needs of the business better than the managers of that business’s “strategic” management. However, without be consulting services; we had to be still continue to use the tools that at the automotive industry produced in Henry Ford’s “production band” technology, which his considered a revolution in the past. I mean, it’s more expensive and less quality.

Consultants have proposed new business models to the players such as: Kanban, Cumulative Production, Limited Capacity Planning, Supply Chain Management, Co-Design, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Incompetent players have shrunk to the extent of disappearing in the market.

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  • Management Consulting

  • Corporate Architecture

  • Education Consultancy

  • Investment and Encouragement Consultancy

  • Corporate Checkup

  • Learning Agency Consulting

  • Cleaning and Hygiene Consulting

In Management Consultancy, our first goal is to eliminate the troubles and perceptions mistakes that arise from the differences in the views of the departments in the hierarchy pyramid. This first step is essential to create a“Corporate Culture” and a “Common Mind”habit.




Top management sees the whole forest. The middle management sees a grove in the forest. The employee only sees the tree.










Karaşehirli Adviser Team, take on photographs in the actual situation of the institution. The whole team will be understand the facts. This is the second important step.  

The other steps are now much easier. In our Management Consulting, clear language and simple phrases (clear) are communicated. Our goal is to bring each individual of your team to the position of “Management Consultant” and to keep them happy.

Remember please! Our team is Businessmen and Industrialists who exist in the real field…  

The meaning of information is a very high value in today’s world as a processed form (report format) of raw data (information you have). Institutions; they have the right knowledge, they interpret the information correctly, and if they use it in time, they can do extraordinary things.

Karaşehirli Management Consulting knows that information is an invaluable asset and sometimes it is achieved at very high costs. Before counseling, we remind to each institution of the importance and value of the knowledge.

The first step is not to store or hide each information at hand in personal or departmental files. It is important that the information is accessible to the entire team. New information acquired by the authority should be added to the information pool without losing time.

The second step is that the information is raw and must be transformed into formats (reports) that will make sense. This is possible with today’s Information Technologies (IT). Information Technology emerged in the 1970′ s and is now used in the medium to large-scale companies in developed countries to store, protect, call and interpret information (with report formats).

In our Management Consultancy, we have an expert team ready that we call “Corporate Architecture” and we are pushing your limits of your dreams. Let’s say you had made an investment and are disappointed (all have package programs and has borders), do not worry, with a tailor-made expert interface software to reach your intended results, everything is possible! Just keep on dreaming…

Corporate Architecture: It is a system that manages the relationship between the objectives and strategies of the institution and IT systems and guides the technologies that should be used in the institution. This system is composed of the Corporate Architecture unit and the person who is the organizer that means Corporate Architect. The basic function of the institutional architecture is to give information about manage the objectives, structure, function, systems and technologies used in systems in the institutions. In this context, the corporate architecture is not only responsible for managing the existing enterprise, but also responsible for identifying and projecting the IT infrastructure that will support the organization’s future plans.

It was possible to write articles before 1980, only in typewriters. Today, computers, telephones, cameras, radios, clocks, televisions, credit cards, etc. There are smart devices available.

New technologies and software have become an indispensable part of our lives. In the business world, the institutions that evaluate and use the Corporate Architecture are summit. Digital Intelligence (DQ) is used in the business process and they turn it into a significant advantage for themselves.

Karasehirli Education Consultancy leads the following questions to institutions first;

SYSTEM? HUMAN? Which is more important!

Every company mentions that institutionalization and system building will be beneficial. But most of the time, money and effort spent cannot provide the kind of productive result desired.

The error is that HUMAN value and quality have not been adopted as priorities. Let us not forget;


“The Power of a Chain is the Power of the Weakest Ring” and 

“People set up the system; it becomes the master or the slave of his own system…”

Institutions are living organisms; they born, they grow, and if they do not pay attention they die. The power to live the institutions starts with the quality human resources, and the institutional spirit (team spirit) occurs when people come together. Institutions that keep quality human resources as a priority are in constant development and innovative.

Today, human beings live in a changing and transforming world. He observes that everything from daily life to business life is changed and digitized. People are trying to make more effort and meaning every day to keep up with this change and transformation.

Our team is transforming the human being into a courageous, quality human resource that has a critical image, leaves a trail in society, and changes the environment in which it is positively changing. We invite you and your team to travel together.

The greatest achievement in education is not to give Personal Development Training in line with classical standards, but to train the team as a whole and to adapt to common goals. We have two important training modules for this;

  1. Common Corporate Culture
  2. Learning Organizations

Both forms of training are very specific applications that envisage institutional needs and are provided by our Specialist Educational Team with pedagogical formation.

Remember please!   who exist in the real field…

We advise on valuable entrepreneurs, Investments and Incentives.

European Union Grant Funds

EU Grant funds can be used in EU 2014-2020 to develop projects by Member States, Asiatic countries and Third countries and to carry out certain form conditions.

Turkey’s participation in the programs will provide years between 2014-2020 are listed as follows:

Erasmus + Program: Cooperation in education and training, including vocational education at the Union level, includes mobility activities, periodic partnerships and youth activities.

Ufuk 2020 (Horizon 2020) Program: The program, which combines scientific research and innovation activities under one roof, supports the mobility of scientists at EU level.

Competitiveness of Businesses and SMEs (COSME) Program: Facilitating access to the financing needed by innovative initiatives and ideas, entrepreneurial cultural activities and improving the business environment.

Creative European Program: In addition to the cultural actors, it also provides support to the cinema sector under the heading of the media.

Fiscalis 2020 Program: To promote and improve the regular operation of the taxation system in the general purpose domestic market by strengthening the cooperation between countries.

Customs 2020 Program: The program’s aim is to support the efforts of the member countries to effectively process the domestic market in the customs area.

Details of the Grants and Funds related to the European Union can be found on the website of the Ministry of the European Union.

TÜBİTAK Supports

TUBITAK, which is one of the important institutions of our country; technological investments in various fields, innovation (innovation), and AR-GE. National Support Programs

  1. 1301 Scientific and Technological. İşblğ. Networks and Platf. Set Up Initiative Proj. (İŞBAP)
  2. 1501 TÜBİTAK Industrial R & D Projects Support Program
  3. 1503 Project Markets Support Program
  4. 1507 TÜBİTAK SME R & D Start-up Support Program
  5. 1511 TÜBİTAK Priority Areas Research Technology Development and Innovation P. D. P.
  6. 1515 Preliminary R & D Laboratories Support Program
  7. 1007 Public Institutions Research and Development Projects
  8. 1601 Innovation Towards Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship Areas
  9. 1514 Venture Capital Support Program (GİSDEP)
  10. 1602 TÜBİTAK Patent Support Program
  11. 1505 University-Industry Cooperation Support Program
  12. 1513 Technology Transfer Offices Support Program 

International Partner Support Programs

EU 7th Framework Program

1509 – TÜBİTAK International Industrial R & D Projects Support Program

Industry Incentives

T. C. Ministry of Finance R & D Discount

TTGV Supports Technology Development Foundation of Turkey

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), 24 private sector, 5 public, 11 umbrella organizations and 15 established with the arrival of a real person’s beer Foundations’ t.

For the Republic of Turkey and was established in accordance with an international agreement signed between the World Bank loan, TTGV have foundation status Established by Law 4 is one of the foundations.

  1. R & D Project Supports

    2. Environmental Project Supports

    3. Strategic Focus Issues Projects

TESKOMB (Turkey Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives Central Union)

The Central Union, which is the supreme organization of the cooperative associations established to meet the financing needs of the small and medium size business owners who are members of the Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans established by the law numbered 507 operating in our country, was established on 10.08.1970 under the leadership of 14 constituent regional associations and was established on 26.08.1970 day registered and announced in the Trade Registry Gazette numbered 21745 and gained legal personality.

  1. Business Credit

    2. Monthly Equally Installed Enterprise Loan

    3. Facility Credit

    4. Employment Support Credit

    5. Cooperative Export-Facility Loan

    6. Discount Credit

    7. Drivers Transportation Loan

    8. Vehicle Repairs Loan for Driver

    9. Service Vehicle Truck Renewal Loan

T.C Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

  1. Agricultural Supports
  2. Diesel, Fertilizer and Soil Analysis Support
  3. Organic Agriculture and Good Agricultural Support
  4. Supporting Seeds, Sapling Usage and Certified Seed Production
  5. Agricultural Advisory System Participation, Farm Accountancy Data Network System Registration, Research and Development Projects and Potato Barrier Alternative Supports
  6. Turkey Tarim Basin Production and Support Model of Deficiency Payment Support
  7. Support for Biological and Biotechnical Struggle
  8. Livestock Supports

T.C Ministry of Economy Supports

In 2011, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was abolished and the Ministry of Economy was established. The support of the Ministry of Economy, which is the lifeblood of Kobiler, is increasing day by day in quality and quantity.

  1. Export Supports
  2. Investment Supports
  3. Services Sector Supports

T.C Ministry of Science Industry and Technology Supports

Industrial Thesis Program (SAN-TEZ) Program’s Objective: Industrialists our R & D-based needs, be resolved within the scope of university-industry collaboration with universities scientifically, “Innovation and R & D ‘s producing its own technology to understand the importance and selling, competitiveness and prosperity, highly Turkey” is an important contribution to the vision .

Tekno Venture Capital Support: “Tekno Venture Capital Support”, which is one of the support mechanisms of the Law No. 5746, is one of the most graduate students, graduate students or graduate students of any university undergraduate program that can be graduated from any undergraduate program within one year, has been designed to encourage people who have taken five years ago to turn technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into high-potential enterprises with added value and qualified employment creation within the framework of a business plan that is supported by public administrations within the central government.

Sodes T. C Ministry of Development Social Support Program: The Social Support Program (SODES), launched in 2008, is a social development program aimed at responding to the problems of migration, poverty and unemployment in these regions and the needs of the changing social structure in a short period of time in order to strengthen the human capital of our disadvantaged areas and to support the social integration process.

Other Institutions

Türk Eximbank: Exporters support exporters, exporters and exporters with short, medium and long-term cash and non-cash credit programs. It also discounts future export receivables in order to encourage futures sales transactions and increase export volume thereby facilitating entry into new and target markets.

Industrial Development Bank of Turkey: Industrial Development Bank, which provides long-term loans to investment projects of private sector industrial company, the customer-specific consultancy and brokerage services is Turkey’s sustainable growth with continuous support. Since 1950, the banking sector in Turkey assign a large number of pioneering and exemplary work accomplished TSKB, Turkey’s sustainable growth rate to continue to work without interrupting. The main shareholder of Turkey Isbank, TSKB TSKB code rings are traded on the National Market BIST as a public company. TSKB offers a rich range of products and services that include value, experience and knowledge for the investments of the Turkish private sector

Micro-credit (TGMP): Micro-credit is a small capital that allows women with low income to make income-generating activities on their own, without any guarantees or guarantees. Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT) is a non-profit economic organization. a small amount of loans rather than grants to low-income women in Turkey serves to reduce poverty. This “micro-credit” system aims to provide jobs to low-income women and to make their contribution to the family budget continuously.

KGF Credit Guarantee Fund

Objective: The objective of the CGF is to facilitate the access of SMEs with insufficient collateral to finance. The CGF aims to remove the insufficiency of guarantees from being an obstacle to access to finance by assuring SMEs whose credit institutions do not have the assets they demand as collateral;

  • The effective functioning of the credit market,
  • Increasing the share of SMEs in total loans,
  • To enable SMEs to use long-term investment credits,
  • Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs,
  • Support your entrepreneurship,
  • The fact that SMEs borrow from banks instead of informal markets,
  • It is also aimed at improving income distribution and employment growth, which are also among the priorities of our country in terms of growth and development.

KOSGEB Supports

KOSGEB, the first planet Grant, Incentive, Support in our country is the first institution that comes to mind.

Who is KOSGEB?

KOSGEB, headed by the Administration for the Development and Support of Small and Medium Enterprises with its long name, is the driving force and locomotive of the implementation of Grants and Incentives.

You do not have to pay any money to use support from KOSGEB. You can get detailed information from the web site of the institution, the call center and the relevant application units.

Development Agencies’ Supports

Development agencies have been established and functioning under the coordination of the State Planning Organization to ensure structural transformation and sustainable development in the area of regional development and social development. The main objective is to reduce regional economic disadvantages the most and ensure national development. For this purpose, SMEs provide grants by means of “project proposal call” during certain periods of the year.

İşkur Supports

Especially in 2003, İşkur changed the crust with the aim of total development and today it is the most important employment source of the enterprises and it is missing the shortcomings of the employees with continuous training activities.

Some of the supports

  • Vocational Education
  • Unemployment Benefit
  • Occupational training programs
  • Promoting youth and women’s employment

 Remember please! Our team is Businessmen and Industrialists who exist in the real field…



















Kurumsal Checkup Nedir?

İşletmelerin, mevcut yönetim ve üretim sistemlerinin sonuçlarını rakamsal veriler ile değerlendirilmesidir. Amaç işletmeyi daha verimli ve karlı bir duruma getirmek, sürdürebilen büyümeyi artırmak için hedeflerin doğru tespit edilmesini sağlamaktır.

Nasıl Yapılır?

İşletmenin, hedeflerine ulaşabilmesi için sahip olduğu değerlerin, ideal değerler ile karşılaştırılarak sistematik bir yöntem ile sorgulanması ve analiz edilmesidir.

 Beyaz ve mavi yakalı tüm insan kaynağı ile yüz-yüze mülakatlar yapılır

Gözlemleme, anket ve farklı bilimsel analiz yöntemleri kullanılarak bilgiler objektif olarak toplanır

Checkup genel olarak 7 ana grupta yapılır, ancak işletme özel bir duruma sahip ise artırılır veya eksiltilir.

No Analiz Grupları Ağırlık Puanı
1 Yönetimin Analizi
2 Altyapı Analizi (Bina, Makine, Ekipman vb.)
3 İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi Analizi
4 Üretim & Hizmet Yönetimi Analizi
5 Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi Analizi (Pazarlama ve Satış)
6 Satın Alma Analizi
7 Muhasebe & Finans Yönetimi Analizi
Toplam Puan 100

Analizler sonucunda elde edilen veriler ile işletmenin bulunduğu seviye tespit edilir (Uluslararası Akredite Kuruluşlarının belirlediği işletme seviyelerine uygun)

Ancak, bizim tespit ettiğimiz seviye (rakamsal) ile İşletme Ortaklarının ve/veya İşletme Yöneticisinin kendi işletmesi için tespit ettiği sonuç karşılaştırılır, bu da ayrı bir değerlendirmedir.

İşletmenin Olgunluk Seviyesi

No Durum Seviye Adı Puan Aralığı Açıklama
1 Kötü Vahim 1 – 20 İşletme hayati tehlike taşımaktadır. Acil eylem planı gerekir.
2 Zayıf Karmaşa 20 – 40 İşletme kritik durumdadır. Yönetim gayreti gerekir.
3 Orta Silkinme 40 – 60 İşletmenin tüm gruplarında iyileştirmeler gerekir.
4 İyi Düzelme 60 – 80 İşletmenin zayıf noktalarını düzeltmesi gerekir.
5 Çok İyi İdeal 80 – 100 İşletme sürdürülebilir büyüme yapabilir. Öğrenen Kurum yapısına geçebilir.

Öğrenen Kurum

Öğrenen Organizasyonlar
Öğrenen bir organizasyon; hedefledikleri ortak geleceğe ulaşmak için, hem birlikte, hem de birey olarak kendilerini sürekli geliştiren bir insan grubudur.

Öğrenen Organizasyon Uygulama Takımları
Öğrenen organizasyonların beş disiplinini yaşama geçirerek, organizasyonel öğrenme yetersizliklerinin üstesinden gelmenize, somut sonuçlar almanıza ve bu sonuçların sürekliliğini sağlamanıza yardımcı olan bir programdır.

Öğrenen Organizasyon Uygulama Takımları Projesinin Katkıları
– Ölçülebilir, somut iş sonuçları elde etmek
– Öğrenen bir kültür oluşturmak
– Geleceğin yöneticilerini yetiştirmek

Kurum Kültürü
– Takım Çalışması Bilincinin Güçlenmesi
– Sosyal İlişki Ağlarının Gelişmesi
– Birimler, Fonksiyonlar, Firmalar Arası Diyaloğun ve İşbirliğinin Artması
– Kolektif Zekanın Gelişmesi
– Aidiyet Duygusunun Güçlenmesi
– Sürekli Öğrenme Ortamının Oluşması
– Sonuç Odaklı Çalışma Alışkanlığının Gelişmesi
– Verilerle Konuşulması
– Yöneticilerin Koçluk Becerilerinin Gelişmesi
– Bireysel Gelişim
– Öğrenen organizasyonların beş disiplininin günlük yaşama ve operasyonlara geçirildiği bir çalışma ortamının

Konuların seçimine bağlı olarak pek çok proje kendisine yaptığı para ve zaman yatırımını ilk 6 ayda fazlasıyla karşılamaktadır.



Mesleki DanismanlikMesleki Danışmanlık

Temizlik ve Hijyen konularında “Yenilikçi” ve “Farklı” bir kurum olmak için, Usta ve Yetkin bir ekibe sahip olmak kaçınılmaz bir gerçektir.

Ekibinizdeki her bir birey hem teknik, hem de davranış biçimleri konusunda yeterli olabilir, ancak ekip çalışması, hedefler ve öncelikler konusunda uyumsuzluk yaşayabilir.

Kurumlar, yaşayan organizmalardır ve dinamikleri değişkendir, dönemsel check up ile sağlıklı hale getirilebilinir.

– Vizyonunuz tam olarak ulaşmak istediğiniz yeri ifade ediyor mu?

– Ekibinizin verimli bir takıma dönüşmesini mi hedefliyorsunuz?

– Sahip olduğunuz içsel kaynakları verimli mi kullanmak istiyorsunuz?

– Farklı fikirlere ve yenilikçi düşüncelere mi ihtiyacınız var?

ve daha onlarca soru içerisinde, ekibiniz nasıl, ne zaman, nereden başlanılması konusunda kararsız ise bilgi ve tecrübelerimizi paylaşmaya hazırız…

Güvenilir ve sonuç odaklı bir yolculuk için hazır mısınız? Lütfen arayın

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